Business etiquette training in Jamaica

Business etiquette training in Jamaica

Founding Images business etiquette training, and coaching services are now available in Jamaica for the first time. The use of good etiquette is often misunderstood and undervalued, bad manners and poor etiquette are rarely intentional, it’s just that correct behaviour and expectations are not known. Poor etiquette can cost both employees and the organisations for which they work dearly.

The Founding Image Etiquette Programmes are specially designed to meet a variety of business and socializing needs. Founding Image is now available in Jamaica to assist individuals and businesses unlock their full potential, to always get the most out of an opportunity and to ensure clients and customers always see you in the best light possible and the courses are now available across Jamaica.

The courses offered by Founding Image in Jamaica have been especially put together to cover a range of topics. The courses combine both modern business etiquette and social skills, along with traditional values and protocols.

For business etiquette, customer service and image consultancy need across Jamaica please see or mail us at

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